What do we offer in addition to transportation?

For private customers

Our Großraum taxis are the ideal way for groups of 5-8 people to travel together and save money.

We have all child seat groups from the baby seat to the normal booster seat.

If, for capacity reasons, there is no child seat or you prefer to bring your own child seat, we can store it free of charge until your return pick up.

We accept all major credit and debit cards from an amount of € 30.00

For companies and hotels

Thanks to our cooperation partner, we can set up an online booking portal for your company so your employees can order conveniently.

We carry not only people but also things.

Post, parcels, spare parts, etc. which fit into a normal car will be transported to your customer as soon as possible.

Your company pays the costs of your employees or customers on account.

  • – Once by a written cost assumption
  • – Cost agreement for several trips at the end of the month

Are the rooms in your hotel overbooked?

With our vouchers your guests can be transported to your partner hotels without having to pay in advance.

Your employees or customers can conveniently pay in the taxi with all major credit and debit cards from an amount of € 5.00.